Pest Control Services

Ant Control

Eliminating ants can be a tricky task as they are elusive insects and they can have extremely large numbers. If the queen and colony is not destroyed, the ants will keep coming back. That’s why our service includes a guarantee that we use the necessary treatments and follow-ups for one fee.

Chipmunk Control

Chipmunks can become pests by burrowing in gardens and lawns, eating your freshly planted seeds. Tunneling under patios and sidewalks can sometimes create cracking problems. And when you have a chipmunk population you could have a snake problem.

Commercial Pest Control

Around the Clock Pest Control services offer an effective, reliable and professional way to keep your business and your property investment pest free. We offer customized pest prevention plans for Saint Louis County, Saint Charles County, Franklin County, Jefferson County, Lincoln County,  and Warren County businesses of all sizes. We can keep ants, rodents, roaches and other pests from eating or running off your business profits.

Mice Control

Getting rid of mice can be a tricky task as they are very elusive creatures. It requires extensive mouse knowledge, as well as construction know-how. That’s why we are experts at repairing entrance points. Our rodent control service includes the necessary removal, exclusion and cleanup/sanitation services needed, for one fee.

Opossum Control

Habitat modification and sanitation. Food sources attractive to opossums should be made inaccessible whenever possible. Pet food dishes should be brought indoors at night. Trash cans and bins containing garbage should be secured. Fallen fruit should be cleared away from beneath fruit trees located near your home or place of business.

Quarterly Pest Control

Every season brings different kinds of pests that can invade your home or business and affect your health and property. Why not prevent pest problems at their source with an Around the Clock Pest Control quarterly pest prevention program. The initial services will eliminate pests from inside the home or business. Then the pest program targets pests at their sources preventing them from entering the interior by doing treating the exterior perimeters of the structure. Around the Clock Pest Control provides convenient scheduling, fast results and thorough treatments based on the most modern and safest pest control practices.

Rabbit Control

Rabbits are considered to be pests because they feed on leafy plants, shrubs and garden vegetables in spring and summer; that can kill shrubs and saplings as a result of feeding during winter.

Raccoon Control

Getting rid of raccoon is generally done by evicting them using one-way doors, lights, repellants and other means neccessary.  In most cases live trapping will be required. You should not try to trap and remove raccoon yourself; instead, rely on Around the Clock Pest Control.

Rat Control

Getting rid of rats can be very tricky due to their nocturnal, elusive nature.  It requires extensive knowledge of rats and their habits as well as structure and safety know-how. That’s why Around the Clock Pest Control are experts at repairing entry points. Our rat control service includes the necessary eviction, exclusion and cleanup/sanitation services needed, for one fee.

Roach Control

Getting rid of roaches can be a tricky task as they are a crack and crevice insect, nocturnal and adapt well to their environment. That’s why our cockroach control service is guaranteed and includes everything necessary, including the follow up treatments for one fee.

Skunk Control

It is very important to hire a professional to trap and perform skunk removal services. Around the Clock Pest Control will trap the skunk and remove the skunk from property in a safe, humane, and odor-and-nausea-free manner. Attempting to trap a skunk yourself can be dangerous, as skunks are known carriers of rabies and can make you smell really bad.

Spider Control

They live in the dark places we don’t think about and in the cracks of our homes and businesses that we forget about. Although most spiders only occasionally have contact with us, sometimes they can be a real nuisance and even a hazard to your health. Around the Clock Pest Control’s spider control experts will develop a program that suits your home or business needs. Our trained pest management professionals will identify and resolve the problem while simultaneously communicating long term control strategies.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels can carry fleas, but usually do not pose a health threat to humans. However, they can cause significant damage to home, business and trees. A family of squirrels in an attic can cause quite a mess and be considered a fire hazard as they can chew through electrical lines.

Termite Control

Treatment options include a monitoring & bait system like the Advance Bait Station System; or a liquid treatment, where a liquid termiticide such as Termidor is applied in an underground “barrier” around the house. Newer products transfer from the soil to the termites as they walk through unknowingly and then take that material back to the rest of the colony. With the Advance Bait Station System, multiple monitoring stations are placed around the house. When one of them shows signs of activity, a bait is added, which is also taken back to the colony. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Termite Inspections

A termite inspection is a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of a home for evidence of wood-destroying insects (WDI). The inspector will visually inspect the entire interior of a home or business (including accessing and entering any sub-space such as basements and crawlspaces) and exterior of the home and business.  After the inspection has been performed, the findings are reported on the applicable/appropriate form then emailed to you and anyone else onsite.

Wildlife Control

Around the Clock Pest Control’s animal control experts are highly skilled and use the best methods to trap wild animals, we also remove dead animals from your home or business.  We know their habits, their most active seasons and times of day, and the most effective method to trap the animal.

Yellow Jacket and Wasp Control

Stinging insects such as wasps and yellow jackets send people to the emergency room each year.  Wasps and yellow jackets are on the rise in Saint Louis County, Saint Charles County, Franklin County, Jefferson County, Lincoln County,  and Warren County .  Yellow jackets pose significant health threats to humans as they may sting repeatedly and can cause allergic reactions the could result in death.