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Here are 5 steps for preventing ants in your home this year.

5-Steps For Preventing Ants In 2021

With more than 20 types of ants in the country known to get inside homes, it shouldn’t be a shock to know ants are the number one household pest in the nation. However, there are 5 steps for preventing ants from getting inside your home or business.

1.Get Rid Of Harborages For Ants

Ants typically find their way into kitchens more often than other rooms of your home. Because kitchens contain food and a water, everything ants (as all pests) need to survive is readily available to them. 5-Steps For Preventing Ants, bathrooms are another area ants gather in since there is moisture present. Areas near and around air conditioning units may also be attractive to ants when they are foraging. Once an ant discovers a source of food or water, it will signal for the other worker ants to come.

When preventing ants, do not be tempted to spray ants with a retail product because it’s only temporary. While you do eliminate the ants you spray, you haven’t touched the entire colony and more often than not they will be back. Ants forage hundreds of feet away from their colony in search of food and when threatened ant colonies begin “Budding.” This term is used when a queen ant feels threatened, and leaves her current colony to start a new one. In other words, once you spray what’s inside your house, the problem begins to multiply!

3. Get Rid Of Moisture For Ants

Reducing moisture around the home along with eliminating standing water will go a long way in preventing ants from coming close. Repair or tighten leaky pipes and be sure to get rid of any moisture under your sinks. Use a dehumidifier in your basement and crawl spaces if there is excessive moisture present. Around the outside of your home, make sure all downspouts and gutters work properly keeping rain away from your foundation.

3. Contain & Eliminate Food Sources for ants.

Some ants like sweets like sugar or honey while other types of ants prefer protein like meat and eggs so wipe your sink, counter tops, walls near the stove and other places clean daily to prevent ants. Store dry foods in sealed containers, and keep raw fruit in your refrigerator. Be sure to wipe off cans and jars that contain honey, syrups or other sweets. And, be sure to keep lids on your trash cans inside and out to help.

4. Seal Entry points for ants.

Check the inside and outside of your home for entry points. If you find any cracks and crevices seal them up immediately. Trim trees and shrubs away from your home because branches can quickly become a runway for ants to travel.

5. Reach Out To Professionals For Ants

Without professional training and commercially-licensed products, getting rid of ants can quickly become a major problem for any home owner. If treated with retail products incorrectly, ant infestations can take over a home. Carpenter ants can cause damage to your home. Fire ants can pose a health threat to your family, and, odorous house ants may contaminate your food.

If you do find ants in your home, contact Around The Clock Pest Control right away. They can identify the ant type, seal any entry points, and determine the best treatment possible.