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Why Are Yellow Jackets More Aggressive In Fall.

Once yellow jackets reach maturity, they begin foraging for food. During late summer into early autumn this type of stinging insect begins building nests defending their territory in anticipation for the winter months. This type of insect is much like a bee and wasp. They can be spotted flying around dumpsters, trash cans, flowers, and other plant life frantically in search of a sugary substance. So why are yellow jackets seem more aggressive in the fall?

While these types of bees do their best at avoiding people, each bee has the ability to sting multiple times if threatened. As cooler weather approaches their activity increases making them seem much more aggressive in the fall. But, they are not actually more aggressive in nature. 

Once the young larvae mature they leave the yellow jacket nest site. They fly out of their nests underground and begin foraging for food. 

As cold weather approaches they seem more aggressive (almost as if they were an invasive species) but, this is due to the cooling nights. They are attracted to sweet substances. Tree sap from Maple trees, trash cans, and sweet smelling perfumes will attract these tiny critters. It’s important to understand swatting at them will only make them more aggressive.
Each year in the United States, homeowners typically discover nest sites only after several bee stings to their hind legs. To protect the colony, these stinging insects that closely resemble paper wasps are known for attacking home owners simply mowing their lawn or raking leaves in the fall.
Unlike honey bees, social wasps as these can sting repeatedly. First they will bite to get a good hold on your skin then, sting you. A yellow jacket sting is painful so, when you see these black and yellow insects frantically flying about this time of year don’t start swatting or smashing one because you will make matters worse.
Because they have the ability to release a chemical at death, more yellow jackets will arrive at the scene and without hesitation, attack you.
So, how do you get rid of yellow jackets? 
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