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How Dangerous Can Spiders Be To Your Pet?

With thousands of creepy crawling spiders around this time of year, it’s important to know which ones you should be concerned about, especially if you’re a dog lover. In the United States there are only a small number of spiders that can inflict a painful bite.


Most spiders wander inside your home to hide or seek shelter from the elements. Common house spiders, cellar spiders, jumping spiders, and yellowish to orange spiders are harmless and are typically seen crawling up a wall or scurrying across your floor. It’s not uncommon to find your adult dog or puppy getting excited over a spider. As curious as they are, dogs (puppies especially) tend to paw at spiders as they try getting away. Some dogs, for whatever reason, love to eat spiders and there is no harm in some added protein my vet said. But, there are a few species of spider you do want to avoid in your home.

Read more to find out the two most venomous spiders in north America to you and your pets. 

Dangerous Spiders To You & Your Pets

Black Widow Spider


Black Widow Spider bites are dangerous!

If you or your pet is bitten by a black widow seek medical attention immediately!
Contrary to popular belief, female black widows do not eat the males!
Up to two inches long, Black widow spiders (latrodectus variolus) are easily identified hanging upside down in their webbing They are a shiny black with their well-known red hourglass shaped mark found on their abdomen. Sometimes this type of spider may have red spots elsewhere on its body. Revered as one of the most dangerous spiders in the U.S., black widows are commonly found in garages and under almost anything black left undisturbed. This doesn’t dismiss the presence of black widow spiders under or near other objects of a different color. Black widows can be found under piles of firewood and debris, inside stored boxes and other items also. Black widows can be harmful to your pets. 

Brown Recluse Spider


Nicknamed “fiddleback,” brown recluse spiders are noticeable from the violin-shape marking on their backs. Several species of spider have this same marking and are not harmful to people or pets so, when identifying a brown recluse spider know that they are no larger than the size of a quarter. In many perts of the country, identification can be difficult as most wolf spiders have similar markings.

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