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How To Identify A Centipede?

You may see one in your crawl space or basement. You might have seen one quickly running up a wall or across your floor. Perhaps you caught a glimpse out of the corner of your eye of a centipede hiding in a dark corner. Pest management professional, Nicole with Around The Clock Pest Control shows you in her weekly pest control tip what a centipede looks like.

What Does A Centipede Look Like?

Centipedes are certainly considered one of the most frightening of household pests. With their long reddish brown bodies and numerous legs (15 pairs of legs to be exact) house centipedes suddenly appear quickly out of nowhere. Centipedes live in the ground and can move quickly while most of them try staying out of your way, if threatened, they may deliver a painful bite or sting in defense? They are beneficial creatures that deserve our respect but a regular pest control spray will go a long way for keeping centipedes around and inside of your home in check.


Centipedes are actually less threatening than some spider species and hornets along with other stinging pests like yellow jackets. While emerging from the ground, they are typically spotted under leaf litter and along foundation walls and it is more than likely they will quickly run away if they notice you.

How To Identify A Centipede From Millipedes?

Centipedes have one set of legs per each body segment, and millipedes have two.

Centipedes have long antennae while millipedes have shorter.

Along with antennae, centipedes have long legs allowing them to move quickly than millipedes.

Why You Should Get Pest Control For Centipedes?

What Are The Symptoms of a Centipede Bite?

According to the United States Library of Health Medicine, the 3 most common symptoms of a centipede pinch are:

  • Pain in the area of the bite or pinch
  • Swelling in the area of the bite or pinch
  • Redness in the area of the bite or pinch

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