fall pest control in missouri

 The Importance Of Fall Pest Control


We know for certain how aware you and your family are about the problems pests can create in the warmer months. But, are you aware of the pest problems that begin as the days and nights cool before winter? For the sake of autumn,  we will skip talking about ants, centipedes and the like. It’s October, therefore we must focus on spiders, rats, mice, bats and other creatures hiding inside our walls. In order to understand why fall pest control is so important, we must first understand the problem. And it’s no trick. Ready this article will be a treat for homeowners!

It’s important to understand right here  and now that ants and termites are fall invaders. This reason alone makes fall pest control just as, if not more, necessary than in the summer months. These ground dwelling pests invade your home in the fall to build colonies not just in your walls but, in your floors too. Termite colonies feed as they tunnel into your wood, carving pathways through support beams, wall studs, door jams and framing. Missouri homeowners rarely see the destruction until it’s too late.

Rodents quickly (literally overnight) will find their way into your walls and begin chewing on wires. Then what? You now have costly electrical repairs needed. Rodents  like rats and mice will crawl through your food drawers, and possibly create problems with your electric, phone, internet, and television services. To boot, rodents may carry disease, bacteria and other harmful germs with them. So, if you live in an area prone to having rodent issues fall pest control is more necessary than what you may have thought.

Many fall invaders may spread or bring inside you home viruses. A cockroach loves bacteria and decay. By nature it is there environment and while  they may play an important role outside we do not  want them inside! Roaches drag their shiny brown body through sewer pipes, and into you  home  where they will crawl across counter tops and into or on bags of flour, grains, cereal and more. The nightmare of it is you most likely will not even know it. Kids get sick with possibly COVID-19 and you might remain unaware the problem is being brought into your home by a fall invader. It is possible especially living in apartment complexes.

Spiders, wasps, fleas, and ticks prefer warm place for overwintering. They may bite or sting  if disturbed during colder months or periods. You may see  a spider, centipede or flea while you’re sitting on the couch.

In the cooler months ladybugs, stink bugs, crickets, silverfish, centipedes, cluster flies, fleas and rodents are looking for a place to hibernate through  winter. This is why fall pest control is so important in Missouri. Around The Clock Pest  Control will treat your yard, set up rodent devices and inspect your entire  home for entry  points. They will prevent bugs from invading your home this fall.