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Holiday Pest Control Tips

The last thing any of us need during the holiday season is a winter pest infestation! Household pests are looking for three things this holiday season: foodwater, and shelter— all of which is found by them as you bring in the Christmas tree, get deliveries and begin cooking up them holiday favorites. If you are not careful this time of year pests like mice, rats, spiders and silverfish just might move in and stay through the whole holiday. Not withstanding Christmas alone, seasonal changes due to weather affect their behavior patterns too. Regular inspections and preventive services are important to ensure your home is pest free this year.  If you missed that inspection especially this year due to the pandemic rest easy because here are three tips you can use to have a safe and pest free holiday.

Avoid Bringing Pests Indoors

Christmas trees, garland made from living trees and firewood are brought inside during the holiday season and potentially bring along insects like ants , spiders , ticks , and termites. Hiding in the branches of trees and garland has been mice, baby squirrels and more. Firewood is a perfect place for insects to lay eggs inside. Some beetles may emerge early getting into wooden furniture or inside wall voids. Make sure you shake out your real tree and garland before bringing inside. And be sure to tap any firewood for eggs and insects to shake free.

Careful With Deliveries

Chances are your attics and basements sit full of boxes of ornaments, lights, candles, and other festive trinkets. To boot, cardboard boxes out the wazzooo from all the deliveries. Chances are all those boxes have sat untouched for months and the ones with holiday decorations longer. Silverfish , termites , spiders ,  cockroaches , and rodents  like mice and rats will make a home in these boxes. So inspect your boxes as well as the items inside before bringing them into your living spaces.

Keeping Kitchen Clean Is Best

For most of us, holiday cooking is the best parts of the season! Preparing  an all-you-can-eat holiday buffet means a heavy-mess and clean up. With this in mind, your kitchen is a winter wonderland for insects to enjoy. Holiday cooking, and cooking clean up is a best practice to remain pest free this holiday season.