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Discover The Top 4 Pests You Don’t Want Inside Your House Before Summer

With summertime just on the horizon, there are a few things to avoid that will help reduce the amount of pest problems inside your home this summer. Knowing these four tips will go a long way in helping reduce your total pest burden this year. Keep reading to discover the top 4 pests you don’t want inside your house before summer.

1. Flies Inside Your Home

All types of flies are found by pest management professionals inside the attics, crawlspaces and basements of homes where they may begin gathering in swarms. More often than not, flies have the potential to become a daily concern when living near farms and other rural areas throughout Missouri making fly control an ongoing routine. Flies (especially bootle, stable and horse flies) quickly and easily make their way inside through doors and windows.

It’s important to understand that while flies do not cause any real damage to houses or other types of structures, they can be extremely annoying and unsightly especially when they begin piling up on floors near windows as they die inside. Flies can transfer harmful bacteria throughout your home making them a concern for sure.

The best way to prevent flies from getting inside your home before summer is to ensure doors and windows are not left open too long. It’s wise to check for cracks and crevices near your doors and windows making sure no open air space meets the outside when looking from within the structure. If found, be sure to seal these areas up to prevent flies from entering as they wish.

Quickly shut doors behind you when exiting or entering your home. If flies are persistent near your doors they will be drawn in as air pressure inside may equalize. This equalization of air pressure may suck flies and other flying insects more easily into your home when doors are opened. If you ever walked into a store getting a blast of air in your face then, you have experienced an air curtain. This preventive device reduces the potential for flying insects like flies to enter a structure.

2. Boxelder Bugs Inside Your Home

Boxelder bugs typically gather in large numbers right before summer to stay warm. They are a darkish-grey to black with distinctive red lines on their back. Like flies, they can enter the inside of your home or business in the spring and fall seeking warmth. During spring, boxelder bugs become highly active and may become an annoyance as they gather in sunlight on the south and west facing walls.

Boxelder bugs do not pose any real threat to your home and, they do not bite or sting. But, they can stain curtains and other fabrics upon entering your house. A great way to help prevent boxelder bugs from entering your home is to seal up any cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home. Pay close attention to the south and west facing sides of your home.

3. Lady Bugs Inside Your Home

There’s nothing unusual about seeing a ladybug or two flying around the inside of your house or  perhaps climbing up the walls near windows. Ladybugs will not damage your house or furniture in any way but, some species are known to emit an odor when threatened.

Sealing up any cracks and crevices around your home with caulking will close off entry points for lady beetles to enter. Another preventive step that goes a long way in helping lady beetle infestations is to vacuum lady bugs when found wandering inside your home or office. Keep in mind that ladybugs are very beneficial for not just gardeners but for the environment but when inside on curtains or furniture prevention by one or two gos the added mile when doing your best to keep them outside where they belong.

4. Stink Bugs In Your Home

Stink bugs feed on all types of plant life including fruit trees and several species of veggies. They are well-known from the Atlantic ocean on through to the midwest of the United States. Stink bugs are also well known for their potent cilantro-like odor. Stink bugs enter your home during fall by way of those small cracks and crevices as well as through doors and windows. They exit the house in spring so it looks as if they are coming back, when in fact, they are actually leaving the structure. Getting an exterior treatment from a professional company like Around The Clock Pest will ensure stink bugs cannot enter months before their spring exit. 

These four pests will be looking to get inside or exit your home this spring so, follow the professional advice above to help keep them in check before your pro arrives. 

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