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How to Identify A Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders are so steeped in myth and fear you may have identified the wrong spider. Most everyone believes this type of spider to be large with lengthy legs spreading across the palm of any hand. In fact each year there are more false identifications than any accurate. Most people tend to identify wolf spiders as brown recluse. Although wolf spiders are intimidating to look at and could potentially inflict a painful bit, brown recluse spiders are far more concerning. So, read on and learn to properly identify a brown recluse spider.


Brown recluse spiders are light brown to tannish in color. Sometimes called “fiddle-backs,” this type of spider is one in several species of spider, including the wolf and hobo spiders, all having similar features to an extent. If you are brave enough to get in close (which we do not recommend) you can identify a brown recluse by counting six eyes (or three pairs) while other spiders have eight eyes.



Brown recluses are reclusive creatures. They are shy and not easily found. If you live in Missouri then always pay close attention when moving wood and other objects around your property. This type of spider loves to hide underneath clutter and debris. It is also important to know that brown recluse spiders do not intentionally bite people. Bites are typically a result of them feeling threatened. 

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