avoid these 3 mosquito control devices

Avoid These 3 Mosquito Control Devices

We are reminded this time of year to use insect repellent along with other mosquito control devices to help prevent West Nile virus, Zika virus and Eastern equine encephalitis.  But, little known to the average consumer, the majority of mosquito control devices are completely useless having no preventive effects whatsoever. Retailers and manufacturers typically avoid honest and informative facts about their products and devices. Because of this, millions of campers and homeowners in Missouri spend hard earned money on the ineffective falsities of many mosquito control devices. These same campers and homeowners are placing themselves in the center for an increased risk of contracting a mosquito-borne disease. So, avoid these 3 mosquito control devices this year.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles only and potentially will seem effective only if you surround yourself with dozens of them. Going further, the most ideal situation is to protect an area away from even the slightest amount of wind. Tiki torches burning citronella oil are ineffective in the same. Research has shown, and most likely due to marketing efforts that perhaps some of us believe we are protected because we can simply smell the citronella. Truly we say that while the dancing flame and subtle aroma of the oil is a summertime favorite these mosquito control devices do little in protecting you or your family from mosquito bites.

Bug Zappers

Let us get right to the point with bug zappers. They are ineffective in controlling mosquitos. Why? Because the light attracts every moth and other flying insect from almost 1000 feet away. If you were to dump all the carcasses on a table and sift like us crazy bug people do you would find that less than 1% of the victims are mosquitoes. Bug zappers mercilessly electrocute thousands of small, defenseless moths that pollinate at night along with nocturnal beetles. There are groups of gardeners that might swear the use of bug zappers destroy the natural environment. So we advise avoiding bug zappers totally. Try sitting out one evening without the zapper on then the next night turn it on and you’ll quickly see how far facts rule over fiction on this mosquito control device.

Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Despite the claims on thousands of posts on social media these days, and, while plants are not an actual device, there is no single (or group) of plants that repel mosquitoes. Rule of thumb: any plant marketed as a “mosquito plant” is most likely going to attract more than ever repel.