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Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Your Backyard

The control of mosquito populations becomes complicated for most homeowners and pest control professionals alike as this type of insect can adapt to changing conditions in any environment. When most homeowners try to kill mosquitos they quickly fly away depositing eggs in another area close by. Then, in little time at all the total number of mosquitoes rises. How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes is one of the top questions PCO’s are asked this time of year.

There is no “one” simple answer because the use of retailed pesticides are commonly misused and easily displaced during improper applications. Widely marketed products like mosquito traps and the essential oil used in citronella candles offer little defense in repelling mosquitoes. So, how exactly does one get rid of mosquitoes in their backyard?

As with any household pest it it wise to call a professional pest inspector. This way your pest problem will be eliminated quickly and safely. But, when you cannot afford a professional immediately there are a few steps that can be taken to help minimize the dangers presented with mosquito problems.

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Because They Are Dangerous

Mosquitoes are a significant concerns for the spread of disease. Especially for spreading West Nile Virus. Adult mosquitoes have adapted and learned how to thrive in not just rural but urban environments too. With manmade structures and building waste materials, mosquitos have evolved into becoming a major nuisance in the backyards of every home. Female mosquitoes bite to feed on blood for their egg development which is why they are so annoying this time of year.

You Can’t Get Rid Of Mosquitos Until You Know The Facts

Mosquitoes are attracted to concentrated areas of moisture and/or standing water for laying eggs. During their reproduction cycle, mosquito eggs need water in order to hatch and thrive as newly developing larvae. Some mosquito species deposit eggs directly in water. Other species deposit eggs in moist soil, out of direct sunlight. Mosquitoes hate sunlight. When soil becomes saturated with water the eggs then hatch. The larvae stage of life does not feed on blood. So it’s most important when trying to get rid of mosquitoes to not only treat adults flying around. 

Insect repellent will not kill mosquito larvae which is the main source of any mosquito population. Therefore it is more important to seek out locations of standing water and higher levels of moisture. 

How To Prevent Mosquitoes

While you should always call a professional to get rid of mosquitoes, one of the easiest ways to prevent populations in your backyard from forming is to simply empty out or get rid of anything that could collect rainwater or moisture because a mosquito infestations can start in a single bottle cap.

Another way to get rid of mosquitos in your backyard is to not use the traditional bug zappers or mosquito traps as these devices typically increase the total number of mosquitos.

Traditional bug sprays with Deet will also help reduce the total number of bites but, understand that retail products come shy of long-term mosquito control. The products sold widely to consumers have a low dose of active ingredients allowing their effectiveness to only last a few minutes to a few hours at best.