Can You Get Rid Of Ants Permanently?

In the United States, the are numerous types of ant species always making their way into homes and businesses as they forage for food sources. If you see a few inside or even an ant trail it doesn’t mean you have an ant infestation or that an ant nest (colony) is nearby. And, it does not mean you have an ant problem.

Worker ants forage from sun up to sun down in search of what they need to ensure the survival of their colony. While ants are highly beneficial insects playing a major role in the balance of our environment, sometimes, they will cross into your home or business then, seemingly vanish never to return… unless you are leaving behind exactly what they need to survive.

Ants, no matter which species, will eventually enter your home through the tiniest cracks and crevices. There is no structure completely ant-free! Even with monthly pest prevention from pest control experts, ants may end up finding a path around the pest barrier your professional applied.  This is due to ants adapting to whatever is before them. The total number of ants contributes to their abilities as well in adapting to changing environments.

Pest control experts agree there is no single solution to get rid of ants. While the active ingredients in ant killer products do, in fact, kill ants more often than not these same products contribute to something known as “budding.”

Ants are known for creating a separate colony with a second ant queen when threatened. Budding is the process of worker ants taking a queen ant to another area where she begins laying her eggs to produce another nest. This “bud” (or satellite) nest helps ensure the colonies survival when hit with retail ant baits and sprays designed to get rid of ants. Truth is while these products do get rid of ants in one location it does not eliminate the colony. Which is why the ants always come back.

This problem is not isolated to just ants. Pest management professionals witness this with cockroaches also. Again, the total number of insects found within an infestation is the focal point of professional pest control. In other words, out of 100 ants or roaches chemical products may kill 70-80% of the infestation leaving 20-30% immune to the effects of the pesticide. This is why multiple products must be used by professionals to get rid of ants permanently. 

Continuously adapting to environmental changes and regardless of species, ants are truly a remarkable insect species. Ants have been observed as a peaceful insect not interfering with other nearby colonies.

Carpenter ants herd aphids like sheep – protecting them from rain and harsh weather conditions. These ants tend to Aphids in this manner because they feed on Aphid feces (which is sweet and commonly called honeydew.) If not tended to, Aphids may cause certain plant species in your garden to turn black. This is a direct result of honeydew.

Carpenter ants collect and feed off of the Honeydew keeping plants clean and healthy. This same ant species will defend your home from termites too. But, it’s important to understand everything there is to know about ants to get rid of them while keeping other insect problems at bay around your home. This is why hiring a pest expert is important.