Pests To Combat Before Fall Arrives

It’s now September and as the warmth of summer begins to cool, we cannot let our minds slip away from a few pests. While many insects begin to disappear some remain. Some even begin working harder and faster as fall quickly approaches. Pests like yellow jackets may seem a bit more aggressive this time of year too and with good reason. Keep reading to learn which pests you should keep an added eye out for this month.

Ants Anticipate Cooler Months

As temperatures get cooler at night this time of year, you may see more ant activity than usual. This is due to ants making ready for a long winter of hibernation. They may end up being seen inside your home as the sun goes down. As in both spring and summer ants are highly active insects seeking food, moisture and shelter. They do not take a break this time of year so continue any and all efforts to control and or prevent ants in your home in September.

Mice & Rats

While most homeowners need not worry about rodents like mice and rats during summer months now is the time of year to keep a sharp eye out on any type of rodent activity. As the night time temperatures begin falling rodents will be in search of a warm home to overwinter within. 

Mosquitos Are Still Present During Cooler Nights

Mosquitos are active even when temperatures dip into the upper and mid fifties. So, even on cooler evenings wearing some insect repellant goes a long way in protecting yourself and the family from getting bitten. Mosquitos love moist areas and in most parts of the country it rains a bit more as fall approaches. Even though it’s late summer do not let your guard down when it comes to mosquitos. 

Yellow Jackets May Seem More Aggressive

As the heat from the sun cools down and the air gets a bit more crisp, yellow jackets will seem a little more aggressive and with good reason. See, yellow jackets know winter is coming so they will work faster and harder to gather everything needed for winter hibernation. These stinging insects nest typically in the ground but, can be found in the eaves of your home, sheds and garages. As they begin working harder they will fly near you as a warning. Yellow jackets may even sting you or your pet as a result of feeling threatened. In their world there is no time to play games therefore they will act more aggressive.