halloween pest control

Halloween Pest Control

We are now in the Halloween season. As we get ready for the trick or treaters in their Halloween costumes and haunted houses we tend to forget about our pest management professional. Halloween pest control is an important as the pumpkin you carve this time of year.

You may believe that as the night temperatures cool pest problems go away. But, the real life, true creepy crawlers like stink bugs, spiders, bats and bed bugs are waiting in the dark. Some of these creatures of the night may transmit disease.

Halloween Pest Activity

Many pests become seemingly spooked as Halloween nears. Putting aside faux cobwebs and other types of halloween decor, might see a spider spinning her web web in the kitchen. It may even appear overnight.

You may walk outside heading to work and be met by the largest spider you’ve ever seen in your life. You may suddenly spot a bat flying around in your attic or near your house.

Worse yet, you may wake up to find itchy welt on your body from bed bugs eating your blood. They are real life vampires you know.

As most of us don’t know, Halloween is the best time of year to contact your pest professional to get your the door sweeps, eaves and other areas in your home inspected. Attics and basements are other areas in the home needing an inspection.

halloween pest control

While Halloween signifies everything spooky, this beloved holiday should also signify the end of warmer months and the beginning of colder months for most of the United States.

It’s time to take action by preventing winter pests like mice, bats, rats, and other types of wildlife from entering your home and allowing them to spread disease.

Household pests this time of year may become true tricks you do not want inside during the winter. So call us now for an inspection.