how to identify termites

How Fast Can Termites Destroy A House

Each year, in the United States, termite damages cost more than hurricanes, tornados, and floods combined! When it comes to Missouri homeowners, the Eastern Subterranean termites are most destructive. We are always asked how fast can termites destroy a house? Let’s find out below.

Fact is, termites have the potential to cause serious damage. How much time you ask?

When To Get A Termite Inspection?

On average, subterranean termites will enter a structure and go undetected for almost three years. This is not always the case but…

…this type of termite lives in the ground. Workers build mud tubes to travel within to find new wood. They ultimately end up chomping away at the wood supporting buildings in record time.

We always tell our customers that it’s not a question if if but, when will termites arrive. No structure is safe over time.There are pre-termite treatments available.

Newly constructed homes often are purchased with a pre treatment for termites but, over the years this treatment may become displaced in the soil or erode away. When this happens termites will find a way in while forging for a new food source.

So how often should you have your home inspected for termites? We suggest an annual termite inspection to be safe.

How Long Before You Notice Termites?

Damage from subterranean termites takes 3 years or more to be noticed in most cases. Since termites begin eating floor joists and frames from inside to out, it’s sometimes impossible to see the true extent of damage.

Each infestation of termites is unique. Therefore, it is best to call a professional and get an inspection each year. Contact us today to schedule yours.