Christmas Tree Pests

Christmas Tree Bugs

The common Christmas tree will not just liven up the holiday spirit inside your home, they may introduce a pest control problem this holiday season. Christmas tree bugs are possible this holiday season.

While conifer tree needles falling all over your floors is common, insects brought inside your home on Christmas trees include: bark lice, spider mites, pine needle scale, and other tiny creatures. While uncommon, it is possible for Christmas trees to harbor chipmunks and the rare squirrel. This is because Christmas tree farms are in a hurry to cut, wrap, and sell these holiday favorites in a timely manner.

When Christmas trees are being harvested, some insects may remain on the inner trunk or tree branches never being noticed. Some of these insects remain on the tree while inside but, other types of pests may fall off the tree branches getting into furniture. Insects like spider mites and scale are not true household pests but, can make you itch when they find their way onto your arm or clothing when decorating. 

How To Prevent Christmas Tree Pests

When it comes to preventing Christmas tree pests there are a few steps taken to avoid unwanted holiday guests. By far, the most effective way to get rid of the majority of critters is to sake the tree before bringing inside. A vigorous shake will knock off insects like mites and lice. Be aware that shaking doesn’t guarantee all will fall off but, it will get rid of most.

Shaking will not remove scale insects but, these creatures typically remain on the needles of the tree.

Bark beetles usually stay on the tree too but, can fall off in the adult stage of life. During this time of year most of these beetles are in an egg or larval stage of life.

Another preventive tip is to purchase a natural insecticide to spray on your Christmas tree. Using a plant-based spray helps maintain safety in the home during the holidays. Simply spray the tree well getting the trunk, branches and needles. Follow the labels instructions and once safe bring on in and enjoy.