Holiday Pest Guide

Holiday Pest Guide – Part 1

One of the most exciting and fun things to do during the holiday season is decorating the tree, and the house with lights. Another event we love is to begin welcoming friends and family into our homes. But, some holiday guests may not be welcome. Each week, we will bring you tips on how to remain free with our Holiday pest guide.

While decorating the house, baking cookies and wrapping all those gifts, some pest problems may go undetected. When rushing around trying to get everything done in time for Christmas household pests may begin wrecking your holiday. In our holiday pest guide we will teach you how to avoid unwanted guests this holiday season.

Christmas Tree Ornament Pests

This week in part 1 we will look at holiday ornaments. Some of our most sentimental Christmas decorations are stored much of the year. Pests usually target these items due to the way they are stored.

While most of us store our decorations in the attic or basement throughout the year we must pay close attention to how and what they are stored in. Not so much where. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure holiday pests remain out of the way this year.

Unpack boxes with ornaments and decorations outside, before bring them in the house. This will allow spiders, stink bugs, and rodents like mice and rats to get out or remain outside.

Quickly inspect totes, boxes and bags containing your ornaments for any and all signs of pest activity. Look for live or dead insects, particles that resemble eggs, nests or nesting material, rodent droppings and torn or shredded material.

You’ll want to do the same for Christmas trees, pine wreaths, artificial or real garland, and other naturally made decorations. Always store Christmas and other holiday decorations in plastic totes or sealable containers to help prevent future pest problems.

Follow us for part 2 next week.