Holiday Pest Guide - Part 2, around the clock pest

Holiday Pest Guide – Part 2

It’s that time of year again. Deliveries may be coming from friends and family all around the country. It is possible to get a delivery with an added but, most unwanted bonus attached. Warehouses are full of pests at times. It doesn’t take much for one to hop on a box and hitch hike all the way to your home. In this weeks holiday pest guide we will discuss the types of pests you may want to look out for during this holiday season. 

Christmas Gifts And Package Pests

When getting more deliveries this time of year it’s a good idea to be safe than sorry. While it’s unlikely, a holiday delivery may contain bed bugs, cockroaches, Beatles and other small insects. Accidentally, insects may hitchhike on packages delivered to your home before Christmas. This is because many warehouse facilities have common pest issues. 

To avoid this type of pest problem, quickly inspect delivered packages before bringing inside. While a trained professional can spot signs of activity fast, here are a few things to look for. Rodent droppings, egg casings, dropped or discarded wings, and live or dead insects.

When you receive edible items in the mail pay extra close attention. As these types of deliveries are most attractive to many species of pests.

Because some pests establish problematic infestations in a short time, a package delivered this holiday season has the potential to ruin your holiday.

Follow us for part 3 next week.