Holiday Pest Guide - Part 2, around the clock pest

Holiday Pest Guide – Part 3

Christmas is quickly coming upon us this week. In part 3 of our holiday pest guide, we will discuss how important pest prevention is when it comes to guests and traveling. The majority of pest problems are a direct result of bugs hitchhiking on luggage, boxes or bags. They go undetected for days or perhaps weeks. Then, an infestation may happen in your home, your car or bedroom of all places.

Holiday Guests – Pest Prevention

Unfortunately, holiday guest may bring a little more than a gift to your house this year. Holiday pests like cockroaches and bed bugs may enter your home on coats, jackets and gifts. You may receive a host of fruit flies on fruit baskets and other types of holiday baskets. It’s even possible to become infested with Beatles depending on where you live.

There are a couple ways you can reduce the odds of getting a visit by holiday pests.

  • Do not place gifts, bags, or jackets on bedding. Keep them in an area brightly lit and white if possible. a Laundry room works well this time of year.
  • Have your holiday guests place their shoes and boots on a mat by your door. Rubber mats work well especially when they have a lip around the edge.
  • When guest leave vacuum the areas you used for them then, dispose of the bag.

Holiday Travel – Pest Prevention

With all of the holiday travel happening friends and family create a higher risk for holiday pests. Pests like bed bugs are easily transported from one state to the next via cabs, flights and trains. Public transportation gives blood feeders like bed bugs multiple opportunities to find a home for the holidays. To prevent bed bugs when traveling, inspect your hotel room bedding well. Place your luggage on a stand instead of the floor, bed or sofa. And, be sure to wash and dry your clothing in hot water. 

Finally, be sure to use a vacuum on your luggage once you arrive back home or to your holiday destination.