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Top 5 Things Bringing Pests Into Your House

All living creatures need three things to survive: Food, water and shelter. If you are experiencing pest problems in your home or on your property, you most likely have one of the tope 5 things attracting them. Let’s start thinking like a pest in this article.

Deterring pests from coming into your home comes down to understanding the way pests like ants, raccoons and mice think. Getting rid of the top 5 things bringing pests into your home is more than half the battle this year.

Standing Water

Cleaning up and removing standing water is the first step in preventing pests from coming into your home this year. Bird baths, pet bowls along with buckets, trash can lids and other standing water sources not only gets rid of potential insects, rodents and other pests before summer – also cuts down on mosquito problems on the horizon.

Garbage Containers

Odor is the prime suspect when it comes to attracting pests into your house. Garbage cans and other trash containers lock in the trash but, does not get rid of smells. It’s always the best practice to keep all of your trash stored away from the house in a container with locking lids. It will also help to ensure all of your trash bags are tied tightly to help cut down on the odors pests pick up on but, you do not. 

Wood Piles

Nothing beats the sight of logs piled up to remind you of that beautiful crackling sound, warmth and all that goes with burning wood to stay warm during the winter months but, stacking up firewood near your house is not the way to go. Cut logs and plant foliage will attract termites and other household pests during cooler months. When stacking wood for the winter maintain a 6-inch gap between the siding of your house and cut foliage back from against the walls. 

Outdoor Lighting

Rule of thumb in pest control is that all exterior lighting will attract insects. For security, there is a great need for this type go lighting around any property but, there are special bulbs one might purchase to reduce insect activity. Always keep in mind position of light fixtures and only use them when needed. 

Door Sweeps

Perhaps no pest the size of a raccoon will get through a door sweep but most other insects like ants and spiders can squeeze into the smallest cracks under your doors. By repairing or replacing the rubbery bottom of exterior doors will not allow pests like ants, cockroaches and crickets to get into your house.