winter spider infestation

Winter Spider Infestations

There are numerous ways a spider can get into your house. More often than not, they enter your home by accident. Once a spider finds a safe corner to hid they will begin weaving their web. Spiders will weave webs inside or outside of your home.

Winter is a unique time of year for spiders because they can endure the cold. While most insects die off or go into hiding throughout colder months, spiders have a natural ability to remain active especially inside.

Most everything spiders eat cannot survive winter so this leaves spiders without an abundant food source. They will move around frequently in search of food. In little time, a spider will feel the warmth coming from the smallest crack or opening in your home.

Below we will share how to keep winter spider infestations from starting in your home.

Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home

Repair any damaged weather stripping on doors where any gaps have formed. These types of damages are easy access points for spiders of all sizes.

While inspecting your weather stripping around doors leading inside and out, check to be sure your doors are seated properly with a tight threshold. If you can feel cool air coming in then, it needs repaired or replaced. Spiders will enter the home right here.

If you have gaps, cracks or holes anywhere around your door or window frames, seal them with caulking so spiders and other insects cannot get inside your home this winter.