How To Identify Termites , around the clock pest

Damage from termites each year costs more than hurricanes, tornados, and floods combined! While there are many types of termites to worry home owners the Eastern Subterranean termite is by far the one most should fear throughout Missouri. This is because these termites live in the ground only to swarm in the spring. The entire termite colony is hidden far from our site. In most cases, these termites will enter a home or wooden structure without detection for several years. This means your home may be infested with these tiny critters chomping away at your floors or door frames for up to three years before you know it.


Subterranean Termites attack homes and businesses throughout Missouri each year. They have the natural potential to cause serious damage over time.

On average subterranean termites take about three years before revealing themselves in any given structure. While there may be some damage done in this time, significant damage usually takes several years. It’s a good idea to get your home inspected by a pest management professional each year especially, if you already had termites in your home. Even if your home was treated for termites years ago, call us today to set up an inspection for your peace of mind.