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Bed Bug Quick Facts

Bed bugs are masters of hiding. These parasitic creatures will be found hiding in the tiniest places throughout homes, hotels, restaurants and other places where people and animals sleep. The majority of people never know they have bed bugs until they get bit.

We completely understand our customers concern, so we have put together a few bed bug quick facts to help prevent and discover bed bugs in your home. These facts are not meant to prevent or eliminate a bedbug infestation – they are more of an introduction.

Since bed bugs are rarely seen due to their nocturnal nature, prevention is the best measure when dealing with this type of pest. If you do believe bed bugs are present in your home, here are a few facts to understand until a professional arrives.

Quick Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs are blood-feeding pests.
  • This type of pest will live, feed and breed where you sleep.
  • These critters are able to live without food for six months and longer.
  • Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate without the help of a pest professional.

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