how to identify termites

Top 3 Facts About Termites Most People Find Odd

Termite Soldiers Are True Headbangers

Soldiers termites form the world’s smallest mosh pit when danger is present to their colony. As a warning sound, the soldiers actually bang their heads against the walls of their galleries. They do this to send tiny vibrations throughout the colony as a warning.

Termites Eat Each Others Poop

Before worker termites can begin eating away at trees and other sources of wood, they must develop a cosmos of microorganisms within their digestive tracts. Termites are not born this way. Termites participate freely something known as trophallaxis, or, in normal words that means they eat each others poop. In the world of termites, eating each others poop is a big deal – without it well, the mounds and colonies would not exist.

Workers and Soldier Termites Are Usually All Blind

Both the workers and soldiers termites in any colony of mostly all species are blind. Since termites spend their lives within the dark confines under ground or deep within wood, they have no need for vision. Swarmer termites require eyesight since they must fly during reproduction times and establish new colonies.

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