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How to Identify A Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders are so steeped in myth and fear you may have identified the wrong spider. Most everyone believes this type of spider to be large with lengthy legs spreading across the palm of any hand. In fact each year there are more false identifications than any accurate. Most people tend to identify wolf spiders as brown recluse. Although wolf spiders are intimidating to look at and could potentially inflict a painful bit, brown recluse spiders are far more concerning. So, read on and learn to properly identify a brown recluse spider.

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How to Get Rid of Spiders

How to Get Rid of Spiders

With numerous types of spiders in Missouri occasionally finding their way indoors, odds are you’ll see one crawling up a wall or running across the floor of your home. As with most household pests, most anyone doesn’t want to share their living space with them. The big question facing many Missouri homeowners is how to know if you have a spider problem? For many people, one spider inside the house is too many. However, the majority of spiders pose no threat and are harmless. But, there are two types of spiders that could pose a potential health threat to you pets and family. The two most dangerous spiders to have concerns over is the brown recluse and black widow.

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Discover The Top 4 Pests You Don’t Want Inside Your House Before Summer

With summertime just on the horizon, there are a few things to avoid that will help reduce the amount of pest problems inside your home this summer. Knowing these four tips will go a long way in helping reduce your total pest burden this year. Keep reading to discover the top 4 pests you don’t want inside your house before summer.

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Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Home, around the clock pest control

Get Rid Of Fleas In Your MO Home

Killing fleas on your own seems easy enough with all the pest control products sold in retail stores, but is it enough to eliminate fleas once and for all? Dog fleas are the most common types of flea problems we see in Missouri. While most pet owners believe using flea shampoos on their cats or dogs followed up with a retail flea spray or brushing with the use of a flea comb will end the battle – it will not. This is because fleas have a complex life cycle. It’s a fact many flea sprays sold retail will kill adult fleas, they will not usually get rid of flea larvae or flea eggs.

Unlike catching a mouse or rat during rodent control, flea treatments require multiple products usually and more than one treatment to ensure the total elimination. DIY pest control ends with flea infestations more often than not but, before calling a pest professional follow the steps below while you wait for their arrival. 

At Home Flea Control – Treat your home before your pest management professional arrives by following the steps outlined below.

An infestation of fleas can be very difficult to eliminate due to their life cycle. Fleas have four stages to life; the egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages together make up what is known as a complete metamorphosis  This type of life cycle can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months, depending on their immediate environment. Therefore there is no one at home (or in office) control. Yes, it’s possible for retail products advertised for flea control may only be formulated may kill one or two stages in a fleas complex life cycle, but in order to get rid of all stages experts should be consulted.

Pets go in and out of the house all the time so it’s almost impossible to treat fleas without treating both the inside and outside of your home. A flea treatment applied to the lawn will also be required typically. Dense foliage from landscape plants may be in need of an application.


First you’ll need to vacuum your entire house. Vacuum all carpeting and hard surfaces. Use the crack and crevice tip where your pet sleeps and spends time the most. Get underneath all furniture, rugs, beds etc. You must vacuum (and treat if doing yourself) all furniture. Upon completing this step its best to get rid of the bag in a sealed trash bag and remove from your home immediately. your vacuum bag in in a sealed container and take it outside.


Wash all bed linens and pet bedding to destroy eggs and to kill adult fleas while completing step 1. Be sure to always wash and dry linens and bedding at the hottest temperature your fabrics can tolerate. If washing is not possible then, bag up all linens and bedding, including pillows, and remove from your home – this is an essential step for step 1 to effectively eliminate adults and eggs.


To keep pets safe we suggest your veterinarian treat your pet for fleas on the day AROUND THE CLOCK PEST provides your flea treatment.This helps prevent your pet from introducing fleas back into your home again while keeping them safe from the products being applied. Be sure to remove your pet’s food and water dishes. In fact, it’s best to remove any pet-related items from your home during treatment.


Remove refuse or garden debris such as piles of wood,  bricks, or any type of discarded pots in your lawn or near your house. These are the ideal breeding sites for fleas.  Use a broom to sweep off patios. Don’t forget to check out your dog runs and kennels, areas underneath of decks or porches, areas under shrubs, and along fence lines.

Eliminating fleas should always be left up to professionals like Around The Clock Pest. You shouldn’t have to live in a home infested by fleas so click here for help



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3 January Pest Control DIY Tips

The complete absence of flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, beetles and bees in January comes as no surprise. We commonly associate household pests and pest management with the warmer months of summer and fall. As Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas come we begin to let our guard down as the nuisance and stinging insects are gone for a few months but, the lack of these insects does not mean you should stop thinking about pest control efforts. In fact, this is actually the best time to work on preventive measures. 

  • Cracks and crevices are overlooked inside as well as on the outside of your home. To help prevent stinging insects like wasps and rodents like mice (especially during cold months) seal, patch or cover these areas up. It’s important to look under sinks to check the areas where utilities and pipes enter the home.
  • Replace or repair any loose mortar and weather stripping around foundation and basement windows.
  • For Missouri homeowners with a fireplace or wood stove always be sure to store your firewood at least 20 feet from the perimeter of your home. Mice, rats and ants will most certainly make nests in wood piles.

Following these top three DIY tips will help prevent seasonal problems with many pests. Winter pest control is a major step in the right direction when eliminating year round pests. Understand that even when performing these steps nothing will ever top having a pest management professional perform a monthly inspection, quarterly service or annual pest prevention service. Call to get your questions answers and concerns met today




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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Missouri

Getting rid of cockroaches in your home has and will always require the combined efforts of preventive management, homeowner (or tenants), and the pest control professional. Cockroach infestations may worsen when tenants and homeowners tackle them on their own. The misuse of retail products purchased at Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot may cause the population of cockroaches to spread causing an even bigger infestation. German cockroaches can move on to other units in apartment buildings, other rooms of a house.

However, preventive steps can be taken to ward off cockroaches from infesting inside the walls or kitchen cabinets of your home. Dishes should always be washed, dried then, put away. Food should never be left on counter tops or tables overnight – not even donuts, or breads. Plumbing lines and other potential leaks should be corrected to avoid moisture issues. Garbage and food scraps must be taken out daily. Any holes or cracks in ceilings bases and walls need sealed or repaired. If you’re living in an apartment building and see signs of an infestation you should immediately report it to the superintendent or property manager immediately.



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Holiday Pest Control Tips

The last thing any of us need during the holiday season is a winter pest infestation! Household pests are looking for three things this holiday season: foodwater, and shelter— all of which is found by them as you bring in the Christmas tree, get deliveries and begin cooking up them holiday favorites. If you are not careful this time of year pests like mice, rats, spiders and silverfish just might move in and stay through the whole holiday. Not withstanding Christmas alone, seasonal changes due to weather affect their behavior patterns too. Regular inspections and preventive services are important to ensure your home is pest free this year.  If you missed that inspection especially this year due to the pandemic rest easy because here are three tips you can use to have a safe and pest free holiday.

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avoid these missouri pests this winter

Avoid These Missouri Pests This Winter


When winter falls upon the land, most pests go into a deep state of hibernation but, there are a few pests that begin entering homes seeking out warmth and food for those long, dark winter months. Pest professionals freely advise homeowners to take precautionary measures against winter pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches and spiders for good reason. Follow our quick guide below and learn how to easily prevent these four winter pests from entering your home. 

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Winter Pest  Prevention Guide


As the cold air draws down upon Missouri mice and rats start heading indoors for food and shelter. These pests begin searching for warmth as well as a place to overwinter. If you’re not paying attention and neglect having a pest professional like Around The Clock Pest Control , your home could easily become a “natural resource” for rodents, bats or other critters this winter! But what if this year’s pandemic put you in a financial pinch?  Fortunately, there are a few things you can do before calling a pro.

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