Christmas Tree Pests

Christmas Tree Bugs

The common Christmas tree will not just liven up the holiday spirit inside your home, they may introduce a pest control problem this holiday season. Christmas tree bugs are possible this holiday season.

While conifer tree needles falling all over your floors is common, insects brought inside your home on Christmas trees include: bark lice, spider mites, pine needle scale, and other tiny creatures. While uncommon, it is possible for Christmas trees to harbor chipmunks and the rare squirrel. This is because Christmas tree farms are in a hurry to cut, wrap, and sell these holiday favorites in a timely manner.

When Christmas trees are being harvested, some insects may remain on the inner trunk or tree branches never being noticed. Some of these insects remain on the tree while inside but, other types of pests may fall off the tree branches getting into furniture. Insects like spider mites and scale are not true household pests but, can make you itch when they find their way onto your arm or clothing when decorating. 

How To Prevent Christmas Tree Pests

When it comes to preventing Christmas tree pests there are a few steps taken to avoid unwanted holiday guests. By far, the most effective way to get rid of the majority of critters is to sake the tree before bringing inside. A vigorous shake will knock off insects like mites and lice. Be aware that shaking doesn’t guarantee all will fall off but, it will get rid of most.

Shaking will not remove scale insects but, these creatures typically remain on the needles of the tree.

Bark beetles usually stay on the tree too but, can fall off in the adult stage of life. During this time of year most of these beetles are in an egg or larval stage of life.

Another preventive tip is to purchase a natural insecticide to spray on your Christmas tree. Using a plant-based spray helps maintain safety in the home during the holidays. Simply spray the tree well getting the trunk, branches and needles. Follow the labels instructions and once safe bring on in and enjoy.

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3 reasons to be thankful for pest control

3 Reasons To Be Thankful For Pest Control

It’s now November and the temperatures are getting lower as each week passes. Inside your home, you are warm and cozy getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. The thought of bugs is the last thing on your mind. But, let’s not forget the top 3 reasons to be thankful for pest control.

At this time of the year, most people end contracts with their pest professionals or decide to skip treatments throughout the winter months. This could be a huge mistake. In this article, we will discuss why we all must be thankful for pest control.

We will also look at why winter pest control is sometimes more important than spring and summer.

Maintain A Healthy Home

Pest professionals are responsible for getting rid of pests like cockroaches, mice and rats. This is important not just for the sake of your home but, the environment as well. 

See, pest experts are highly trained professionals with the ability to safely remove rodents and cockroaches from your home. In doing so they are helping to maintain a healthier home environment.

Cockroaches are responsible for allergies, spreading bacteria and viruses throughout kitchens. Without regular pest control your home may quickly become infested with roaches. If this happens the cost of pest control services will increase.

Worse yet, a roach infestation can trigger asthma attacks in sensitive individuals. 

Maintain Environmental Safety

With all the chemical products sold in retail stores many DIY’rs create toxicity within their immediate environment. This is due to the misuse of pesticides and herbicides. 

Pest management professionals are trained to know which products are best to se in specific areas. There are products labeled for indoor use, outdoor use and some are labeled for both inside and out.

There are hundreds of pesticides on the market today. Some are safer than others. To the untrained homeowner, applying some pesticides heavily may cause reactions in some people. These same products may cause your kids or pets to become ill.

Be thankful for pest control experts because they will not use products that harm you, your children or pets.

Maintaining Your Peace Of Mind

If termites and rodents were not enough to worry about, there are numerous household pests that may enter your home causing concern.

The last thing you want this Thanksgiving is to have a rat or mouse to enter your home. Regular pest control services help prevent this possibility.

Always remain thankful for pest control and call a pro like Around The Clock Pest to ensure your home remains pest free throughout the year. 


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how to identify termites

How Fast Can Termites Destroy A House

Each year, in the United States, termite damages cost more than hurricanes, tornados, and floods combined! When it comes to Missouri homeowners, the Eastern Subterranean termites are most destructive. We are always asked how fast can termites destroy a house? Let’s find out below.

Fact is, termites have the potential to cause serious damage. How much time you ask?

When To Get A Termite Inspection?

On average, subterranean termites will enter a structure and go undetected for almost three years. This is not always the case but…

…this type of termite lives in the ground. Workers build mud tubes to travel within to find new wood. They ultimately end up chomping away at the wood supporting buildings in record time.

We always tell our customers that it’s not a question if if but, when will termites arrive. No structure is safe over time.There are pre-termite treatments available.

Newly constructed homes often are purchased with a pre treatment for termites but, over the years this treatment may become displaced in the soil or erode away. When this happens termites will find a way in while forging for a new food source.

So how often should you have your home inspected for termites? We suggest an annual termite inspection to be safe.

How Long Before You Notice Termites?

Damage from subterranean termites takes 3 years or more to be noticed in most cases. Since termites begin eating floor joists and frames from inside to out, it’s sometimes impossible to see the true extent of damage.

Each infestation of termites is unique. Therefore, it is best to call a professional and get an inspection each year. Contact us today to schedule yours.



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awesome things you never knew about bats, bat removal, around the clock pest control

Things You Never Knew About Bats

When it comes to bats they are found all over the world. In fact, the only place you will not find a bat flying around or roosting is in extreme desert conditions. Bats are amazing creatures with many misconceptions. These night flyers are beneficial for our environment provided much needed pest control. Did you know that a single bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitos each hour. This is reason enough to promote their habitats near your home. But, it’s important to understand, like all creatures in nature, infestations may pose a health risk. So let’s learn some awesome things you never knew about bats.

A True Mammal, Bats Are The Best In Flight

Bats are very much like us humans because they birth 1-3 live babies. The baby bats feed from their mother’s milk. The mother bat loves and cares for her young as your mother cared for you. Bats are true mammals but, take the cake when it comes to outperforming birds in flight.

Going beyond other mammals, bats can fly. In fact, bats can fly better than birds. They are capable of some incredible flight maneuvers. Like an F16 fighter jet, bats can perform extreme turns during flight birds can only dream of. This is possible due to bats evolving with the ability to capture insects in mid flight. On the other hand, birds drop to the ground in search of insects, worms and seeds.

You Can Make Gunpowder From Bat Poop

The diet of bats consist of fruit, insects and plant nectars. They are pest control experts, gardeners and farmers. With their diet they produce droppings (Gauno). Because bats produce poop that is high in potassium nitrate, Gauno is gathered to make fertilizer. Bat poop can be processed to make gunpowder from the potassium nitrate.

Another awesome fact you never knew about bats is their poop helps preserve fossils for research.

Some Bats Do Not Roost Upside Down

While most species of bats love roosting upside down not all will be found doing this. To fly, bats open their feet, fall and use this natural momentum to begin flying. On the other side, birds use their legs and feet to push themselves into flight. Bet you never knew that. Now, like frogs, there are a few species of bats that are cable of sticking to leaves and other types of natural surfaces. These types of bats have a suction like capability instead of clenching.

Are Bats Blind?

There are some species of bats that are blind. These are typically smaller bats. To find their way these species they use echolocation. Larger species of bats have better vision than us humans.


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halloween pest control

Halloween Pest Control

We are now in the Halloween season. As we get ready for the trick or treaters in their Halloween costumes and haunted houses we tend to forget about our pest management professional. Halloween pest control is an important as the pumpkin you carve this time of year.

You may believe that as the night temperatures cool pest problems go away. But, the real life, true creepy crawlers like stink bugs, spiders, bats and bed bugs are waiting in the dark. Some of these creatures of the night may transmit disease.

Halloween Pest Activity

Many pests become seemingly spooked as Halloween nears. Putting aside faux cobwebs and other types of halloween decor, might see a spider spinning her web web in the kitchen. It may even appear overnight.

You may walk outside heading to work and be met by the largest spider you’ve ever seen in your life. You may suddenly spot a bat flying around in your attic or near your house.

Worse yet, you may wake up to find itchy welt on your body from bed bugs eating your blood. They are real life vampires you know.

As most of us don’t know, Halloween is the best time of year to contact your pest professional to get your the door sweeps, eaves and other areas in your home inspected. Attics and basements are other areas in the home needing an inspection.

halloween pest control

While Halloween signifies everything spooky, this beloved holiday should also signify the end of warmer months and the beginning of colder months for most of the United States.

It’s time to take action by preventing winter pests like mice, bats, rats, and other types of wildlife from entering your home and allowing them to spread disease.

Household pests this time of year may become true tricks you do not want inside during the winter. So call us now for an inspection.

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how to get rid of mice, get rid of rats, how to prevent rodents, rodent control and prevention services

How To Get Rid Of Mice This Fall

The first step to solving any rodent problem is to know if it’s rats or mice you’re up against. You need to be sure you have a mouse problem and not a rat infestation. Learning how to get rid of mice this fall will vary depending on which species of rodent you are dealing with. In this article, we will explain how you can easily tell the difference between mice and rats. 

Both mice and rats are nocturnal creatures so, it’s very unlikely that you’ll see either of these rodents during the day As an early warning of having a mouse infestation is if you see them in daylight hours. Mice are much smaller than rats to begin with. Mice will also have longer, thinner tails covered in fur with small, round ears.

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how to stop moths from eating your clothes, around the clock pest control

Stop Moths From Eating Your Clothes

Have you opened up your closet to find the smallest of holes in your favorite sweater? If you have not ripped or torn this article of clothing it’s likely you have a clothes moth infestation. This type of moth harbors itself near clothing and love feeding on cashmere sweaters. Usually found in closets where they can easily feed on wool and cashmere along with other natural fibers, in no time at all adult clothes moths will be seen fluttering around when disturbed. Obviously, clothes moths are a problem but, what does it take to stop moths from eating your clothes? First, we must understand the nature of clothes moths and in this post we are going to educate you about them so you can save your wardrobe.

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Can Crickets Tell You The Temperature?

Can Crickets Tell You The Temperature?

Like all insects, Crickets are cold blooded creatures that take on the temperature of their immediate environment. Crickets begin chirping by rubbing their two forelegs together. More than one hundred years ago, a scientist noticed how crickets chirp faster and louder on a warmer nights and slower on cooler nights.

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Pests To Combat Before Fall Arrives

It’s now September and as the warmth of summer begins to cool, we cannot let our minds slip away from a few pests. While many insects begin to disappear some remain. Some even begin working harder and faster as fall quickly approaches. Pests like yellow jackets may seem a bit more aggressive this time of year too and with good reason. Keep reading to learn which pests you should keep an added eye out for this month.

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What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are commonly found this time of year throughout Missouri and the United States. Because a carpenter ant infestation is responsible for structural damage, they are often mistaken for termite colonies. However, termites eat wood, carpenter ant colonies only create galleries in wood. While wood is the main food source for termites, carpenter ant damage results from them seeking shelter. 

Carpenter ants prefer decayed wood to nest in. Galleries are constructed to provide this type of ant a desired and consistent humidity and temperature level. Even though carpenter ants do not eat wood, the damage can become severe when let go for years. Over time, both carpenter ant and termite colonies will form satellite nests away from their main parent colony. These types of nests ensure survival as the colony matures in population. Worker ants continue excavating wood while extending galleries in an effort to make added space. This causes extensive damage to wooden structures over time.

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