Can Crickets Tell You The Temperature?

Can Crickets Tell You The Temperature?

Like all insects, Crickets are cold blooded creatures that take on the temperature of their immediate environment. Crickets begin chirping by rubbing their two forelegs together. More than one hundred years ago, a scientist noticed how crickets chirp faster and louder on a warmer nights and slower on cooler nights.

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Pests To Combat Before Fall Arrives

It’s now September and as the warmth of summer begins to cool, we cannot let our minds slip away from a few pests. While many insects begin to disappear some remain. Some even begin working harder and faster as fall quickly approaches. Pests like yellow jackets may seem a bit more aggressive this time of year too and with good reason. Keep reading to learn which pests you should keep an added eye out for this month.

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What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are commonly found this time of year throughout Missouri and the United States. Because a carpenter ant infestation is responsible for structural damage, they are often mistaken for termite colonies. However, termites eat wood, carpenter ant colonies only create galleries in wood. While wood is the main food source for termites, carpenter ant damage results from them seeking shelter. 

Carpenter ants prefer decayed wood to nest in. Galleries are constructed to provide this type of ant a desired and consistent humidity and temperature level. Even though carpenter ants do not eat wood, the damage can become severe when let go for years. Over time, both carpenter ant and termite colonies will form satellite nests away from their main parent colony. These types of nests ensure survival as the colony matures in population. Worker ants continue excavating wood while extending galleries in an effort to make added space. This causes extensive damage to wooden structures over time.

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Can You Get Rid Of Ants Permanently?

In the United States, the are numerous types of ant species always making their way into homes and businesses as they forage for food sources. If you see a few inside or even an ant trail it doesn’t mean you have an ant infestation or that an ant nest (colony) is nearby. And, it does not mean you have an ant problem.

Worker ants forage from sun up to sun down in search of what they need to ensure the survival of their colony. While ants are highly beneficial insects playing a major role in the balance of our environment, sometimes, they will cross into your home or business then, seemingly vanish never to return… unless you are leaving behind exactly what they need to survive.

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Does Natural Pest Control Work?, around the clock pest control

Does Natural Pest Control Work?

Natural pest control is vital for the establishment and maintenance of an effective pest prevention program. Sometimes this approach is referred to as Integrative Pest Management (or IPM).  Preventing and eliminating undesirable pests in your home typically requires more than one method. Pest inspections, exclusionary work, and non-chemical treatments provide an “integrated” approach to pest control. Both pest control professionals and home owners must work together more often than not to maintain a pest-free environment.

Plant-based (botanical) materials formulated as dusts, liquids, and gel-type baits are made from the essential oils extracted from plants. There are numerous plant species that have developed natural defenses against insects. Essential oils like clove, tea tree, rosemary, garlic, and thyme are highly effective against repelling pests. But, it’s important to understand that these types of natural products will only be effective temporarily. Many times these same products will not eliminate potential hazards from household pests. 

To effectively protect our environment while living pest free in our homes we must respect certain insects that some people might fear (or may consider pests) when, in fact, they are not a true pest. Beneficial insects like Honey bees help balance our ecosystem and killing them or trying to control them will cause environmental problems far beyond our control once initiated…

Preventing common household pests is an important step to ensure infestations do not happen. Below you will find a guide to the basic steps in preventing insects from harboring in and art ground your home. All insects need three basic things i.e. food, water, and shelter.

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Does Natural Pest Control Work, around the clock pest control

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Your Backyard

The control of mosquito populations becomes complicated for most homeowners and pest control professionals alike as this type of insect can adapt to changing conditions in any environment. When most homeowners try to kill mosquitos they quickly fly away depositing eggs in another area close by. Then, in little time at all the total number of mosquitoes rises. How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes is one of the top questions PCO’s are asked this time of year.

There is no “one” simple answer because the use of retailed pesticides are commonly misused and easily displaced during improper applications. Widely marketed products like mosquito traps and the essential oil used in citronella candles offer little defense in repelling mosquitoes. So, how exactly does one get rid of mosquitoes in their backyard?

As with any household pest it it wise to call a professional pest inspector. This way your pest problem will be eliminated quickly and safely. But, when you cannot afford a professional immediately there are a few steps that can be taken to help minimize the dangers presented with mosquito problems.

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around the clock pest, avoid these 2 bug repellents

Avoid These 2 Bug Repellents

Yet again, we are reminded by the Center For Disease Control to use insect repellents, bug spray and thanks to the marketing industry, mechanical bug repellent devices to help prevent the spread of insect-based diseases. For the average consumer, there are numerous options out there. One may choose to use bug spray made from deet or possible essential oils. Offering up to 12 hours of protection, there are chemical and plant based pump spray bug repellents on the market today.

A popular trend today is more people choosing deet free plant based repellents. Made from oil of lemon eucalyptus, many of these types of natural or perhaps organically made products work for a bit warding off mosquitoes and ticks. 

Higher concentrations of plant oils have some effectiveness like the concentration found in citronella candles. Although one would need a large number of citronella candles to ward off from mosquitoes biting. 

Repelling insects is a fine tuned art backed by skill. So, do not be fooled into thinking mechanical repellents, light traps and other bug repellent devices do much more.

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avoid these 3 mosquito control devices

Avoid These 3 Mosquito Control Devices

We are reminded this time of year to use insect repellent along with other mosquito control devices to help prevent West Nile virus, Zika virus and Eastern equine encephalitis.  But, little known to the average consumer, the majority of mosquito control devices are completely useless having no preventive effects whatsoever. Retailers and manufacturers typically avoid honest and informative facts about their products and devices. Because of this, millions of campers and homeowners in Missouri spend hard earned money on the ineffective falsities of many mosquito control devices. These same campers and homeowners are placing themselves in the center for an increased risk of contracting a mosquito-borne disease. So, avoid these 3 mosquito control devices this year.

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how to get rid of roaches, get rid of fleas, around the clock pest control

How to Get Rid of Roaches

There are many types of cockroaches in Missouri. The two most common type of roaches are the german cockroach and the American cockroach. When serious infestation s are present a strong odor might be noticed. Dead cockroaches are found close to where they hide. Young roaches are usually seen crawling on floors, running up kitchen cabinet interiors, and hiding in cracks and crevices near their food source.

Feces from cockroaches is easily seen during an infestation. Young roaches and nymphs produce feces that look like coffee grounds or black pepper. Larger roach species like American, Australian, and Pennsylvania Woods leave behind droppings larger and more cylindrical like a mouse. The amount of feces in an area is a positive sign of the level of infestation.

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around the clock pest control

How to Identify A Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders are so steeped in myth and fear you may have identified the wrong spider. Most everyone believes this type of spider to be large with lengthy legs spreading across the palm of any hand. In fact each year there are more false identifications than any accurate. Most people tend to identify wolf spiders as brown recluse. Although wolf spiders are intimidating to look at and could potentially inflict a painful bit, brown recluse spiders are far more concerning. So, read on and learn to properly identify a brown recluse spider.

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