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Around The Clock Pest Control provides bed bug, termite and pest control services in Wentzville Missouri. Over the years, we have earned the title Pest management Professional throughout the state of Missouri by always staying a step ahead of all pests, including wildlife animals.

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Why A Carpenter Ant Colony In Your Wentzville, O’Fallon, or Troy MO. Home Should Be Left Up To Pros.

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A Carpenter ant colony can damage wood in or near your home. While carpenter ants do not eat wood they damage it as they create tunnels to build a nest site. They primarily attack wood that is or has been wet and damaged by mold, but will also nest inside dry, undamaged wood. There are nine types of carpenter ants throughout the U.S., usually measuring ¼ to ½ inch in length and are red, black or red and black in color.

How To Identify If You Have Termites In Marshall, MO

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Termites are every homeowner’s nightmare. Unfortunately, munching inside the walls of your house isn’t the only place termites dine out. Commercial properties are just as at risk to an infestation as a home. To stay one step ahead of these pests, it is important to note several signs of their existence in your home or commercial space. First, listen for them. If you are hearing an unfamiliar clicking noise, that’s a colony of termites communicating to each other as they munch through the wood in your home or business. Second, look for obvious signs of damage such as small holes in wooden materials or a squishy, papery feel upon pressing the surface. The final step if you find any of these signs applicable to your home or business is to check out our 

termite control services and make an appointment with us!

Around the Clock Pest Control takes pride in staying ahead of the technological curve in the pest control industry. We are a paperless company that is capable of emailing or faxing all paperwork to the client. We do all termite inspection reports onsite and email immediately, if evidence is found of a wood destroying insect we also attach all pictures to the report. We also have a SUPRA Key for easier scheduling for agents.

All of our technicians are certified by the State of Missouri Department of Agriculture. We are also an active member of The Greater St. Louis Pest Control Association, as part of our efforts to ensure that we are doing everything we can for our customers. As lifetime Missouri residents ourselves, our Kirkwood pest control know how to handle the large variety of pests that accompany our notoriously fickle seasons.

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