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Safe Rodent Control & Prevention Services

Have rats or other rodents invaded your commercial or residential property? Trying to solve the problem on your own with traps can prove to be futile and even dangerous. Mice and other rodents can carry diseases, which means you and your family or customers can be exposed to risk. At Around the Clock Pest Control, we offer rapid, dependable rodent control services to clients in Kirkwood, St. Louis, and the surrounding area.

Preventative Rodent Protection

Regardless of the type of business you run, having mice, rats, or other rodents wreaking havoc is undesirable. In addition to carrying disease, they can eat food, chew through furniture, and cause damage to your property. Rodent problems should be handled swiftly by a trained Kirkwood pest control specialist. Our Kirkwood pest extermination company offers competitive rates and 24-hour pest control services to meet your needs.

Are Rodents a Problem in Your Home?

Rodents can breed quickly, which means time is of the essence if you have spotted a rodent in your home or suspect an infestation of any size. If rodents have started to breed in your home, you could be finding droppings and hear scurrying in your walls or crawl spaces. You should not waste any time before you reach out to our Kirkwood pest control team.
We are dedicated to serving your immediate needs, achieving total customer satisfaction and exceeding your expectations. When you call on us, you can trust that we will show up quickly and eliminate these pests from your home.

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Residential Pest Control

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We will inspect all entry points that may cause your property to be vulnerable to present or future infestation problems. Our trusted Kirkwood pest extermination technicians will then diagnose and resolve any pest problem that you may be experiencing. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of our services, we will continue to provide intensive pest control services at no additional charge until the problem is solved. If at any time we cannot solve your pest problem within 30 days of the last service, we will credit or refund your last service fee.

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Around the Clock Pest Control serves much of the area around St. Louis, including: St. Louis County, Troy, St. Charles, Warren County, Lincoln County, & Jefferson County.

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