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Get Rid Of Fleas In Your MO Home

Killing fleas on your own seems easy enough with all the pest control products sold in retail stores, but is it enough to eliminate fleas once and for all? Dog fleas are the most common types of flea problems we see in Missouri. While most pet owners believe using flea shampoos on their cats or dogs followed up with a retail flea spray or brushing with the use of a flea comb will end the battle – it will not. This is because fleas have a complex life cycle. It’s a fact many flea sprays sold retail will kill adult fleas, they will not usually get rid of flea larvae or flea eggs.

Unlike catching a mouse or rat during rodent control, flea treatments require multiple products usually and more than one treatment to ensure the total elimination. DIY pest control ends with flea infestations more often than not but, before calling a pest professional follow the steps below while you wait for their arrival. 

At Home Flea Control – Treat your home before your pest management professional arrives by following the steps outlined below.

An infestation of fleas can be very difficult to eliminate due to their life cycle. Fleas have four stages to life; the egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages together make up what is known as a complete metamorphosis  This type of life cycle can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months, depending on their immediate environment. Therefore there is no one at home (or in office) control. Yes, it’s possible for retail products advertised for flea control may only be formulated may kill one or two stages in a fleas complex life cycle, but in order to get rid of all stages experts should be consulted.

Pets go in and out of the house all the time so it’s almost impossible to treat fleas without treating both the inside and outside of your home. A flea treatment applied to the lawn will also be required typically. Dense foliage from landscape plants may be in need of an application.


First you’ll need to vacuum your entire house. Vacuum all carpeting and hard surfaces. Use the crack and crevice tip where your pet sleeps and spends time the most. Get underneath all furniture, rugs, beds etc. You must vacuum (and treat if doing yourself) all furniture. Upon completing this step its best to get rid of the bag in a sealed trash bag and remove from your home immediately. your vacuum bag in in a sealed container and take it outside.


Wash all bed linens and pet bedding to destroy eggs and to kill adult fleas while completing step 1. Be sure to always wash and dry linens and bedding at the hottest temperature your fabrics can tolerate. If washing is not possible then, bag up all linens and bedding, including pillows, and remove from your home – this is an essential step for step 1 to effectively eliminate adults and eggs.


To keep pets safe we suggest your veterinarian treat your pet for fleas on the day AROUND THE CLOCK PEST provides your flea treatment.This helps prevent your pet from introducing fleas back into your home again while keeping them safe from the products being applied. Be sure to remove your pet’s food and water dishes. In fact, it’s best to remove any pet-related items from your home during treatment.


Remove refuse or garden debris such as piles of wood,  bricks, or any type of discarded pots in your lawn or near your house. These are the ideal breeding sites for fleas.  Use a broom to sweep off patios. Don’t forget to check out your dog runs and kennels, areas underneath of decks or porches, areas under shrubs, and along fence lines.

Eliminating fleas should always be left up to professionals like Around The Clock Pest. You shouldn’t have to live in a home infested by fleas so click here for help