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As with most things, prevention and upkeep is frequently much easier, and cheaper, than trying to tackle a problem once it has taken hold. While our technicians offer 24-7 extermination services for any surprises that may crop up, the quarterly option we offer is a great way to get ahead of many potential problems. Each season that we experience gives rise to a different type of pest that crops up to intrude on homes and businesses. This is why at Around The Clock Pest Control, we offer a service that sends a Kirkwood extermination technician to you on a quarterly basis to take care of existing issues and put preventative measures in place.

Our Guarantee

Our Kirkwood pest control specialists guarantee to control the pests covered in our quarterly service contracts. Should additional service visits be necessary between scheduled visits they will be done free of charge. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will continue to provide intensive service at no additional charge until all problems are solved. Around The Clock Pest Control also guarantees that if at any time we cannot solve your pest problems to your satisfaction within 30 days of the last service visit, we will credit or refund your last service fee.

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Aggressive Treatment Plans

In most cases,we will use the least amount of chemicals and insecticide that is necessary. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we may need to be more aggressive. We even offer 24 hour pest removal services, for your after hours infestation needs. The top priority of our Kirkwood exterminators is to ensure all unwanted pests are gone by the time we are finished. We even guarantee that if we cannot solve your issue within 30 days, we will refund your last fee.

Pest Control Experts!

When we show up initially for an inspection, we will need to inspect all areas of your home and property, including any areas which you have seen the pest in question. Once we have spotted the problem area, we can put together a customized treatment solution. Our competitive pricing and effective treatments ensure that we can work with your budget and effectively eliminate the pests on your property.

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Around the Clock Pest Control serves much of the area around St. Louis, including: St. Louis County, Troy, St. Charles, Warren County, Lincoln County, & Jefferson County.

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