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Wildlife Control Services

The pockets of wilds around Kirkwood, St. Louis, and the surrounding region can be full of surprises – and critters that want to take an unannounced vacation into your home or commercial structure. Our team can do what it takes to get rid of just about any wildlife creature that is bothering you, damaging your property, or otherwise making you uncomfortable in your own living space. (We do not do mole extermination or removal.) Our objective is helping you feel safe and sound in your home again as soon as possible. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service, please let us know and we will continue to provide intensive service at no additional cost until the situation is corrected.

Wildlife Control & Removal

Removing critters from your property or completely clearing out a wildlife infestation can be a serious problem. If you are not familiar with the animals that have wandered into your house, you could feasibly be injured by it or risk catching an illness. Please do not jeopardize your own health and safety by attempting to remove wildlife without property gear and training.

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